IMA Awards


                   Yes, friends, fans, family, and those supportive of the music, the nominees have been chosen for the Independent Music Awards. Though, as I previously have mentioned the process has been long, "Heavenly Angel" was not chosen. However, have some good news! The awards will be held at the Lincoln Center on March 31st with all type of fanfare beginning in the evening. The good news - I would like to invite 2 guests to attend the event with me. My way of showing my appreciate for the time you take reading the newsletter and for supporting me by buying a CD, or single, or stream/download. Who will the 2 guests be? The first 2 people who completes the following and submit via email to me by March 12th. 

Here are the details :  

1. A purchase of the music either CD, single with proof of purchase

2. Answer correctly the following questions -

          a)   What does Will Smith and I have in common?

          b)   As an artist, Josephine Baker and myself were truly accepted where?

The deadline is March 12th, however, the sooner the better only the top 2 will be invited to join me.

As it's always better to give than to receive and I give from my heart.

Look forward to seeing who will accompany me to the IMA Awards show.  

P.S. Did I forget to say there will be an after party, also? Yes, a grand party and you will be invited. 


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