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            As per the eblaster sent this is the last week for "Heavenly Angel" to be voted by friends, family & fans, to be an instrument in helping the songs of "Heavenly Angel" win an Independent Music Award. The judges will be taking over. Hopefully, the judges will be in agreement with your choices. Then, let's not forget to spread the music by becoming a "Follower" via Spotify (see the link on the right side).  

            Can't forget the 2 magazines interested in doing a feature on me. Need to overcome the many challenges I'm still facing before tending to this. When the feature article is written I will announce to all. Till then, please make a purchase of the music. Which by the way the song "Why" is also listed for purchased for those of you who still enjoy the song being played on the site "N1M" (Number One Music). 



                   Finally, again, do not forget the Independent Music Awards, if you have voted return to the page to listen because that counts as a vote, too. Each song can get 2 votes - listening is a vote and, then, the vote itself. Plus, both songs can be voted at the same time. 

Please go to this link:


                 Also, still have the video for "Keep It Jumpin'Now"  see how one can also do gymnastics to the music as displayed by the one and only Nasya-Simone. With a newly added video/slide show of the song featuring, of course, yours truly, Nasya-Simone!


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Celestial beginnings...

Pray tell what do you say....

The Angels Are Calling...


   Again, this is the last time for you to place a vote for the songs for the Independent Music Awards. Please, let's work together to have the music received by all by winning !!!


 The Wings of Love