The Fountain of Youth

                       Continuing on the journey of  "The Fountain of Youth"...  let us make a pit-stop, shall we say, along our "Fountain of Youth" journey. This pit-stop is a major force to obtaining the fountain of youth, it is your teeth. As it has been discussed in last month's journey, what you eat plays a big part. Thus, your teeth can portray a youthful look. How one can obtain this youthful look all has to do with the brightness of your teeth. Here is the method I use, which people stop and ask me all the time what do I do to get my teeth looking so white:  

1. Brush your teeth with Colgate ( I swear by this toothpaste and my preference is "Colgate Total")

2. Next brush your teeth with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

3. Gargle with Hydrogen  Peroxide diluted with water 50/50

4. Garth with Listerine 6-in-1  ( it's the purple-colored one)

Do this in the morning and at night before going to bed.


                            To be continued next month...









Celestial beginnings...

Pray tell what do you say....

The Angels Are Calling...


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 The Wings of Love